5 Hand Embroidery Stiches Every Sewer Should Know

Embroidery is a kind of craft made from yarn and needle using machine or hand to create a beautiful and unique designs. Learning how to stitch is all you need to make a good hand embroidery. Learning embroidery stitches can challenging and daunting at first. You will also need embroidery starter, or maybe you want to go to store for Embroidery Columbia Sc? Yes if you’re living in Columbia you can find a lot of stores that provide you with high quality embroidery kits for your stitching class. For a beginner, here are several types of hand embroidery stitches you should know.

5 Hand Embroidery Stiches Every Sewer Should Know

1. Feather Stitch

Feather stitch known as single coral stitch and one of the easiest type of stitches you should learn. This kind of stitch is really attractive and easy to do as well as you learn it.

2. Seed Stitch

This kind of stitch is also considered as rice grain stitch or running stitch. Because seed stitch done in one single direction to fills the whole design that you have created.

3. Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone stitch is also known as plaited stitch or catch stitch that used to hem garments. You should draw parallel lines to make sure there are spaces in between if you will try to create this stitch.

4. Lazy Daisy Stitch

Most embroidery patterns are frequently used this type of stitch for making petal and floral designs. You have create a small stitch and make a loop which creates daisy petal-like patterns.

5. Back Stitch

The back stitch is commonly used with satin stitch in outlining a design. This thin-line stitch also used to add fine detail to your embroidery design.

That’s all about several types of stitches for hand embroidery you should learn. You need to learning how to stitch continuesly to mastering hand embroidery hand.

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