A Beautiful Tapestry that Is Suitable for Tiny Houses

Regardless of how large the house you have, rugs or carpets can be used to beautify the room and create a comfortable feel. Only, for those of you, small homeowners need to pay attention to the size and motif of the rug so that the room does not look full. Then, tapestry designs from the carpet stores Lexington sc are limited to small houses? Not really, actually the design is no less interesting than a rug that is suitable for spacious homes. For those of you who want to look brave, bright red tapestries like this need to be tried. A simple cream flower motif with a black frame, making this rug look even more beautiful. This design is also suitable for classic or traditional homes.

Next, there is a rug with a little tassel at the end. Small, short-sized tassel will reduce the risk of interlocking threads. The beautiful look is also well maintained. For color, it would be better if you choose the same as the furniture in the room. Line motifs like rugs above are also the right choice because they can create the impression of a more spacious space. Some people choose to spend extra money and thoughts to beautify the entrance area because this area determines the first impression of visiting guests. One element that can beautify it is, of course, a tapestry with a lively motif. The combination of dark red, yellow and dark blue can create a warm impression. No need to use a rug that covers the entire surface of the floor, just select one that is 1: 3.

Who said that the tapestry is all square? Round rugs also exist and can look beautiful. The example is just like the design of a tapestry above which is essentially white with a blue tinge on the edges. Perfect for modern minimalist rooms. Scandinavian style is famous for its simplicity. If you want to use tapestries, this simple design is the right one. The color is ivory white and without motif.

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