Check out these tips before repacking a house

Cat has an important role in the building. The function of the paint is as a decorative element and as a protection from florida handyman license the walls of the building. In order for the building to always look beautiful, do maintenance regularly, by repainting the walls of the building.

Many factors require you to repaint the walls of your room. One of them is because the color of the wall paint fades due to the age of the painting itself or often exposed to the sun or the damp walls that damage the paint layer.

Here’s how to repaint so that your home wall looks beautiful:

Check the condition of the wall

First, check the condition of the wall that was previously coated with paint. Is the condition of the old wall in good condition or not.

Clean walls of material such as dust and oil

The condition of the wall is considered good if the paint layer does not peel, is not moldy, is not calcareous or bubbles. A good wall surface only needs to be cleaned of dust and oil for treatment using sandpaper/steel brush.

Clean the walls of old paint that has problems

To find out the old layer of putty and paint is still firmly attached or not, it can be done by means of satisfying the water on the surface of the wall and then wait a few moments. If the surface of the wall appears to peel and bubble, then the surface of the wall must be first scraped clean so that the new layer of paint can stick tightly.

Cover the hair crack

If the walls are moldy, you should first look for the cause. If due to water seepage due to cracks in the wall, the wall cracks must be repaired first and returned to the wall.

Apply base paint

After the cleaning process is complete, you can paint the walls with Primary Alkali Resistant paint for interior and exterior walls. The basic paint functions to neutralize the acidity of the cement to match the PH of the paint, making the final paint not easy to peel and fade, while leveling the surface of the wall

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