Ensure iPhone Security From the Next 3-Step Hackers Attack

Here are some ways and steps that can be run by iPhone users to prevent the device from being hacked or misused by hackers. Aside from that, you can try the two factor authentication system to improve the security level of your gadgets.

1. Use a PIN or Touch ID

The first step to being able to maintain iPhone security from hackers is to always lock the iPhone screen with a PIN or Touch ID. This is done to anticipate and prevent other people from using your iPhone to access your personal data. To install a PIN or Touch ID you can enter Settings then the General tab and Touch ID & passcode lock.

There you will be given the choice between activating a numeric PIN or using fingerprint scanning using Touch ID to lock the iPhone screen. If you decide to use a PIN, you must avoid common and predictable combinations of numbers, for example, a combination of 0000 or 1234. Use a different combination of numbers and it’s hard to guess to further improve iPhone security.

2. Use the iPhone Passphrase Security Feature

Besides PIN, you can also use Passphrase which is believed to be more reliable and strong. To create this Passphrase you have to go to the Settings menu, then Touch ID & Passcode and turn off Simple Passcode.

Citing a number of sources with this Passphrase security option you will be able to create longer and more complex password codes with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and even symbols.

3. Set Automatic Deletion

Automatic deletion settings are done to anticipate if your iPhone suddenly disappears. The security of the iPhone that has fallen into the hands of other people will indeed be very vulnerable to abuse such as breaking into personal data. To anticipate this, you can make automatic deletion settings.

With this automatic setting, when other people will try to break into personal data but fail when entering the PIN for up to ten attempts, the device will delete the data automatically. To make this arrangement, you can go to the same Settings page and activate the Erase Data feature.

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