Fix These Three Mistakes When Learning Foreign Languages

Many people who want to master a foreign language, but are reluctant to learn it correctly. In fact, some of them feel they have mastered a foreign language and are considered sufficient by this. One of the languages ?that you should study well is Arabic. in fact, by means of online arabic learning, you can learn it well and quickly so you don’t have to waste too much time.

In addition, there are some mistakes you can make when learning a foreign language but you don’t realize it. Some of the errors in question are

1. Feel afraid
This is the stage where silence, shame, and discomfort will destroy their hard work in learning languages. In eastern cultures where self-esteem is of high social value, it is easy to not try to speak in a foreign language that is being studied. They are too afraid to be wrong in grammar or mispronounce because they feel it will be very embarrassing.

2. Only use one learning method
Some people who learn languages ??feel comfortable with the equipment to repeatedly listen to learning tapes in a language laboratory. Some need grammar textbooks to understand the pronunciation. Each of these approaches is good, but it is wrong to rely only on one method. People who learn languages ??use many ways to practice language skills and try to explain concepts. Finding more ways also helps them when they find boredom in one method.

3. Too rigid in thinking
Linguists find that those who learn with low tolerance for ambiguity or ambiguity will find it more difficult to learn languages. Learning languages ??includes a lot of uncertainty. Those who learn will face new vocabulary every day and for each grammar rule there are exceptions to dialects or irregular verbs. Until fluency is achieved, there will always be some confusion. Learners who immediately see the dictionary when they find a new word will feel more stressed and confused.

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