Mental Disorders and Behavior Due to Narcotics

Every abuser will experience organic mental disorders and behavioral disorders because consuming drugs will disrupt the neuro transmitter’s nervous system on central nervous system. Our brain is a very vital organ, all thinking and moving (motoric) activities are controlled by this one organ. In the meantime, if you wish to cleanse your body and mind from drugs addiction, you may try the ayahuasca as an alternative cure.

All types of drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, have a negative influence on health, not only causing addiction (addiction), but also causing dependence on its users.

This dependency condition causes drug users to use drugs continuously, on the other hand our body will tolerate the effects caused by narcotics so that to get the same effect must increase the dose, while increasing doses will add to our body’s burden until one day overdose (OD) can occur.

Behavioral changes in narcotics abusers can be seen physiologically and psychologically for example: users will show physiological symptoms in the form of slurred speech, impaired coordination, unstable ways of walking, red eyes and flushing faces while the psychological symptoms are natural changes in irritability, many talk, more emotional, sensitive and paranoid, the occurrence of attention/concentration disorders, which sometimes triggers unwanted events.

Other types of drugs that are currently consumed are methamphetamine and ecstasy, both types of drugs including stimulant Ampethamin which can stimulate the brain’s work and increase body activity, therefore this type of stimulant is widely misused by workers who want to work all day without rest, whereas naturally our bodies also need rest. So the users of this type of stimulant Narcotics after the effect has passed will fall asleep for a few days as an anti-climax of the “strong” effect that it causes.

Psychological symptoms that appear from drug users in the form of stimulants in the form of methamphetamine and ecstasy, namely psychomotor agitation (hyperactivity, cannot be silent), this condition is also called Tripping, excessive joy, increased self-esteem, and hallucinations. by drug abusers.

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