Remote Keyless Entry Car Does Not Work, This Is The Solution

At present many cars are no longer equipped with a key or smart entry to activate the engine but are replaced with Car Key Replacement. The conventional key house is replaced by a button, known as the push button start (engine start/stop). The round button which is generally located on the right side of this steering wheel which functions to turn on and turn off the engine. The condition, the remote (key) must be close to the car. Can be bagged pants, drawer dashboard, or in the bag. How it works, inside the remote there is an ID or identification that can only be recognized by the system in the car. Without an ID detected through radio waves and received by the receiver in the car, the car cannot be turned on. The problem, some cases of owners of keyless vehicles cannot open and turn on the car engine. The possibilities are varied, starting from the battery on the remote runs out, or signal interference (frequency) caused by the presence of a radio transmitter or Base Transceiver Station cellular telephone provider around the location.

In this case, the driver does not need to panic when the remote keyless car is not functioning normally. Remote that cannot function through radio waves due to interference or because the battery is completely discharged can still be used manually, How to remove the conventional key on the remote to open the door, then attach the remote to the button until the indicator light turns green, step on the brake press the button until the engine turns on. In this process, he added, when the door is opened by a conventional key, the car alarm will turn on and then the three engines will be turned on. Even remote keyless cars will still store low-frequency signals even if the battery runs out. Likewise, when there is a disturbance due to other frequencies, the ID inside the remote is attached to the start push button will be detected by the receiver in the car.

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