These Are Body Reactions That Might Occur When Doing Detox

Detox or detoxification is the process of cleansing toxins from the body. These toxins come from various pollutants from the environment or are produced from the body’s metabolism. This process can occur naturally because the body can actually cleanse itself. But over time, the body’s ability to cleanse toxins begins to decrease due to the aging process. Some experts recommend undergoing detoxification through various therapies and certain foods. What are the reactions experienced by the body due to detoxification? The Serenity Recovery Center, which is a practitioner of healthy living, explained that the effects or reactions experienced by the body only lasted for a while. After the detoxification process runs, the body will feel healthier because it has undergone a cleansing process.

Fasting is actually one of the natural detoxes. When fasting the first day, people tend to be nauseous, weak, dizzy, and so on. This kind of effect is normal, especially in the first days of detoxing. Detoxification itself can be done in various ways. But the efficacy is still a separate debate among experts. Some consider the detoxification process to be carried out by the liver and do not need to use strange therapies, while some experts think differently. Because the methods are various, be sure to consult a doctor before undergoing the detoxification process. Besides looking for considerations about the benefits and disadvantages, the opinion of doctors is also useful to find out the possible side effects that can be experienced as a result of undergoing detoxification with certain methods. In extreme cases, for example for drug patients, the detoxification process can be more complicated because the chemical compounds have so affected the nerves in the brain. The effects experienced can have an impact on the patient’s physical and psychological condition. But in general, body reactions that occur during detoxification can indeed affect emotions or psychic.

Emotions may occur. Because if someone is detoxing, the carbohydrates consumed will decrease. The effect of blood sugar will be low. This results in someone being sensitive and emotional. To avoid this, consume fruits regularly.

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