These Are Three Reasons Why Many People Want To Live In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is indeed one of the destination countries for many people. not only for Hajj or Umrah, Saudi Arabia is the destination of many people to study or even live there. However, to be able to study and live there, you must be able to master Arabic well. With arabic world you can master Arabic and English which of course will make it easier for you to communicate there.

Below are some reasons why you want to go to Arabia just for Hajj, Umrah or even stay there. Some of the reasons referred to are

1. Free scholarships and education
Do you realize that the cost of education is increasingly expensive in almost all countries? the large number of people there is certainly a reason why the cost of education is increasingly expensive, but this does not happen in Saudi Arabia, the desert country is very concerned and caring for the right to get a decent education with free fees even full scholarships to college to achieve a bachelor’s degree. Even not just regular lectures or education, the cost of living such as a place to live and eat has also been provided for students.

2. Good and free road conditions
As the number of motorized and car owners continues to increase, making the streets crowded and unavoidable from traffic jams, Saudi Arabia is the opposite, in this country, you will not experience the name of traffic jams or passing through a paved road, because the quality of the road there is very good like a highway and of course the road is free for all motorists.

3. The crime rate in Arabia is very low
It cannot be denied that there is no country that has no crime in the scope of its citizens or society, but in Saudi Arabia even though there is certainly a crime, the number is very low, so it will be very interesting for you to settle in Saudi Arabia because you will be more quiet and peaceful. This is because the punishment for criminal acts in Arabia is indeed very hard.

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