What to Know Before DOT Physical Test

Drug testing is one of the mandatory tests before applying for a job or entering an educational institution. Through urine, it can be seen whether someone is positive or negative using drugs. Even if you never use it, it turns out that the following things can change your test results from negative to positive when doing the DOT physical Jacksonville test. So make sure you will be careful in doing anything before the date of the test.


Take cold medicine

Some cold medicines include brompheniramine which is antihistamine in cold and allergic drugs. Brompheniramine is what is often wrongly detected as methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is one of the medicines that is classified as a drug. It would be better to avoid this type of medicine.

Passive breathing in marijuana smoke

Not only is active marijuana sucker detected positive for drugs in the test, but also passive inhalers around marijuana suckers. Exposure to marijuana, whether consciously or not, can produce a positive urine test for drugs. It’s quite risky, especially if we don’t realize there are people in our environment who suck marijuana.

Drink tonic water

The refreshing tonic water, if consumed before a drug test, can make a positive result. It turned out that the content of quinine, the drugs used to cure malaria was the cause. Quinine is usually mixed with other illegal drugs so that it becomes one of the illegal drugs that is banned in the world.

Take ibuprofen

Not familiar with the term ibuprofen? Yes, this drug is used to fight inflammation in the body. Unfortunately, a study conducted in 1990 found that 60 people who took ibuprofen in various doses, detected positive drugs. After the investigation, the cause was ibuprofen which was wrongly identified as marijuana and barbiturates, which were used for sedatives or sleeping pills.

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