What to Know More About Wifi

You surely know that wifi installation can provide the number of advantages. However, you also need to know that wlan RF site survey plays an important rule in getting the best speed. Wi-Fi is made with the aim of bringing convenience and practicality to the community of technology users. Wi-Fi is associated with freedom because Wi-Fi technology gives users the freedom to access the internet or view data from meeting rooms, hotel rooms, campuses, and cafes marked “Wi-Fi Hot Spot”. Wi-Fi makes people no longer need to bother to install the network cable. As for some benefits that can be obtained from WiFi, for example, such as:

a. Accessibility

With WiFi, we can access the internet network quickly and practically without using cables, anywhere and anytime as long as there is a hotspot signal, whether it’s using cell phones, laptops or PCs that support WiFi.

b. Mobility

WiFi has high mobility because WiFi is now widely available in public places ranging from parks, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels etc. with easy internet access without using cables so it’s very practical.

c. Productivity

For people who work on internet networks, then with WiFi then work productivity can increase, because of easy internet access.

d. Distribution

Unlike accessing the internet network that uses cables, WiFi is very practical and not complicated so that it can be used at any time, so with WiFi, the internet network is easily accessed by many people

e. Save Cost

To create an internet network that supports WiFi, of course, it tends to be cost-effective, especially economical in buying cables. This is the reason some companies and people prefer to build wireless devices. Especially for laptop and smartphone users who use WiFi for streaming video even to download files, with WiFi it can save costs imagine if using cellular data might be costly.

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